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How to Get Rich - How the rich get rich. You don’t need to be Einstein. The wealth formula for gaining financial freedom is really quite simple.     Unless one inherits wealth, or wins the lottery, the formula for getting rich is very straightforward.Read more
What’s stopping you? -   Stop whining. No excuses. Just get started!   Easier said than done. Or, is it?    What financial success and investing barriers are holding you back? I believe that your ability to succeed is only constrained by your attitude,Read more
Retirement Livability -   Will you be able to retire when you want to and then go “hard out” and really enjoy your retirement?   You owe it to yourself to be able to!   Did you know that you will likely spendRead more
The Stock Market Explained - Did you know that you can’t actually invest in the ‘Stock Market’? Watch the cute little animated video below to find out why… We find that most people have heard bad things about the stock market – have you? AsRead more
Before You Seek Financial Advice – Read This First! - Essential information you should know before seeking the high-cost services of a financial adviser or financial planner.   The financial advice services provided by Financial Advisers and Financial Planners are not cheap. Unfortunately, they are lumbered with compliance and other regulatoryRead more
Have You Been Programmed to Fail? - The beliefs you hold and the preconditioning you have been exposed to may be stopping you from becoming a successful investor.   When my wife and I started our investment journey one extremely valuable exercise we did was to understand our investing mindsetRead more
What’s your version of “Wealth”? - “Being wealthy” will mean different things to different people. What does it mean to you and how can you gain wealth?     What is Wealth?   Being “wealthy” is a matter of perception. Whether it is having the moneyRead more
Why Do People Not Have A Financial Plan? - From our experience, here are some of the reasons that we believe contribute to people having a “Financial Plan Aversion”.   Do any of the following reasons resonate with you?     Reason 1: It’s Boring!   “Financial planning is boring. IRead more

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