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We have a number of calculators and tools to help you with your investing. Ones that we’ve developed for you, and links to some good online ones too. However, if you require, or have an idea for, a calculator or tool we don’t have, please do contact us and we’ll see what we can do. More coming soon, but here’s what we have for you now:

Simple Plan Generator and Visualiser

When starting your investing journey your financial goals may not yet be fully developed, however we recommend having at least a basic plan while get you started. So we’ve developed a Simple Plan Generator and Visualiser tool for this very purpose. We also find that the tool provides our clients with some clarity as to what may be realistically achievable too. We have two versions of the tool – a web version that you can use online and an Excel Spreadsheet that you can download and use offline.

Online Simple Plan Generator & Visualiser
Excel Simple Plan Generator & Visualiser

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Online Retirement Planners

While the Simple Plan Generator and Visualiser tool above will help with your retirement planning, here are some links to some other retirement planners that may be helpful to you.

Intrinsic Value Calculator

Once you've researched a business to buy shares in, you need to determine whether the company's current share price is good value. Over time, Value Prophet has developed a comprehensive method for estimating the Intrinsic Value of a company. Unfortunately, we can't easily share the method for you, but we have developed a simplified version that provides a reasonable Intrinsic Value estimation.

Have a look at our free online Intrinsic Value Calculator and see what you think.

Weighted Average Calculator

When tracking the performance and strategic balance of your portfolio of investments being able to calculate the weighted average returns or asset class exposure is sometimes helpful. We have developed a simple spreadsheet template that you can use to compare your investments using weighted averages. To see an interactive example of the Weighted Average spreadsheet in action, please click the "Interactive Example" link on the right. If you would like to download an Excel spreadsheet template for your own use, please click the "Excel Template" link on the right.

Financial Calculators

Please click the link on the right to access our page of Future Value calculators.
Please click the link on the right to access our page of Annualised Return calculators

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