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Personal finance training and coaching

Get top quality investing knowledge, resources and financial planning and investment advice.

At Value Prophet we want you to become a successful investor. We want to help you learn to invest competently and achieve your financial and life goals.

Whether you want the latest car, freedom to holiday in exotic locations with your family, to live comfortably in retirement or simply to get your dream home, the team at Value Prophet can help educate and coach you on making sound investment decisions to make your financial dreams a reality.


What we do

At Value Prophet, our team of experienced financial investment consultants offer a personal coaching and training service to equip you with the tools and knowledge needed to improve existing and learn new financial investment skills; skills to take your future wealth to its full potential.

Our service is tailor-made to suit every individual financial situation. Whether you’re earning a substantial income but spending more than you should, are asset-rich but cash-poor, thinking of investing in property or perhaps you are making provisions for your retirement… whatever your current reality, Value Prophet’s personal financial coaching and financial education programmes are for you!


However, we unfortunately can’t reach everyone with personal services, so we provide numerous online resources and courses too.

Check out our free online investing course – our knowledge is available at your finger tips right now!


How Value Prophet can help you

Learn to invest: Get a basic level of investing knowledge or increase your existing skills with our diverse range of online and offline programmes and personal coaching sessions.

Gain control of your finances: Build wealth and make your money work for you. Establish a passive income by learning how best to invest your money.

Build your investment portfolio: Keep control of your investments by developing your own investment portfolio and managing it yourself with our coaching tips and advice.

Achieve your financial and life goals: Wealth means different things to different people. Achieve your goals with the tools and knowledge gained through a value investing programme.

Make financial success a life-long habit: The knowledge, skills and tools we provide will help you develop successful investment habits that will be of benefit now and into the future.


Value Prophet are not financial advisers, brokers or an investment service provider that invest our clients’ money for them. Instead, we educate our clients and provide them with the tools and knowledge they need to make independent financial and value investment decisions to secure a financial future.



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