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We have provided a number of calculators, tools and resources on our Resources pages to help you with your investing. However, here’s some additional other resources and links to external resources that you may find useful too.

Value Prophet Worksheets

We have developed a number of worksheets to help you develop your financial plan and determine your investing strategies.
Please click the link on the right to download our Values and Goals worksheet which will help you understand what you want from life.
Also on the right is the link to our Financial Stocktake PDF Form. A great worksheet for helping you work out your Net Worth and how much free cash you have that could be used for investing.
Another great worksheet is our Risk Profile PDF Form. Find out what your tolerance to investing risk is and what investment strategies will suit you best. All investors should know and understand their Risk Profile!
The final worksheet we have for you is our Financial Plan PDF document. This is where you develop, plan and set your short, medium and long term financial goals.

Value Prophet’s Links

We are very fussy about the quality of the links we provide. A link from our site must be of high value to our clients and web site visitors. At present we have no links, but if you are a visitor to our site and have a link suggestion, please do contact us and let us know.
No links, yet, sorry. Check back soon!



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