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At Value Prophet our investment services arm you with the skills and knowledge on how to invest and build wealth.

Our skilled and professional financial investment consultants provide you with the coaching, education and tools you need to make informed investment decisions with confidence – enabling you to maximise your wealth potential and secure your financial future.


We offer a range of tailored investment services including:

Personal Coaching

Coaching and mentoring are highly effective methods of personal training. By discussing your goals, desired future outcomes and current habits we will help take you from where you are now to where you want to be in the future.

In our personal coaching sessions we will:

  • Help you clarify and understand where you want to be in the future
  • Explore investment options and potential investment opportunities
  • Provide you with the strategies and techniques to establish your investment portfolio

Let our staff at Value Prophet be your coach, mentor, personal trainer and manager – whatever is required to help you succeed with your financial goals.


Education Programmes

At Value Prophet we offer both online and offline educational programmes to help increase your investment knowledge.

Our personal services are not available to everyone, and some people prefer self-paced learning that the can do in there own time, so we happily provide numerous online resources and courses too.


Check out our free online investing course – our knowledge is available at your finger tips right now!


Through our personalised tutoring or e-courses we can teach you lifelong skills to grow your wealth and reach both short and long-term financial milestones. Our education programmes are:

  • Tailored to meet your individual needs
  • Designed for all levels of financial and investment competency – prior experience isn’t necessary
  • Interactive and engaging, with plenty of scope for exploring your areas of interest
  • Designed to provide you with a reference resource you can use going forward

Coupled with our personal coaching service you will have the foundation skills to build a wealthy future.


Our investment services will help you grow your wealth.



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Investing Tools

Value Prophet also offers investment tools and a comprehensive support programme that will further enhance both your personal and investment-related growth. We will support you on your investment journey and won't just provide a one-off course and some mentoring sessions and then see you on your way.


Financial topics we cover

We personalise your learning based on the financial goals you wish to achieve. However, some topics we cover are:


Right Frame of Mind: In order to embrace the knowledge, make sense of the investing approaches and make best use of the educational material you need to have the right frame of mind. Therefore, we usually start by exploring your current beliefs and then help to adjust your thinking in line with what you wish to achieve. Please check out our blog post “Have you been programmed to fail?” for valuable insights.


Financial Literacy: To understand investments, and be able to invest in them successfully, you need to have a base level of Financial Literacy. We provide heaps of practical examples to make it easy to understand the various concepts.


Risk vs Return: Investing is all about “risk versus return”. It is really important for you to understand the risks when investing. So, we will help you to structure your investments to minimise the risks and maximise the returns. You also need to understand your tolerance for risk, so we help you evaluate your Risk Profile too.


Investment OptionsThere are many types of investments available to you. We provide you with knowledge for each, explore their risks, and look at their potential returns.


Investment Strategy: There are a number of strategies one can follow when investing. The key is to choose the right investment strategy that will safely achieve your financial goals within your planned investment time frame. Also, the strategies you use will change over time according to your Risk Profile and where you are on your investment life-cycle.


All of the above, and more, is available right now - check out our free online investing course!

We will not provide you with the answers, nor provide any investment advice. Instead, our investment services are designed to furnish you with knowledge and guide you through new ways of thinking, so that you can work out the answers for yourself. We truly believe that we provide better value for you, our clients, through showing you how to work things out for yourself. We want to equip you with the tools so you can work out yourself what is best for you!

Book a free consultation with the team from Value Prophet today.

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