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The tagline for Value Prophet ‘Get Wise. Get Wealthy!’   was born out of years of personal investing experience. After many attempts to try and find the right investment channel to suit their ever-changing personal situation company director’s Dougal and Meta Mair learnt first-hand that the most fundamental tool anyone could be equipped with to become a successful investor is knowledge.

With knowledge you are wise, with wisdom comes the ability to make astute decisions and with those smart decisions, wealth follows.

Business owners Dougal and Meta Mair are passionate about creating a personalised and tailored investment experience for their clients that lead to both financial and personal wealth. Both Dougal and Meta work closely with their clients to provide a tailored plan that takes into consideration every element of your lifestyle, financial goals and investment goals to create profitable opportunities that will boost your financial freedom.

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The Value Prophet Team

Dougal Mair - Value Prophet team member photo

Dougal Mair – Director, Coach-Educator and Value Investor

After starting out investing in property, Dougal became frustrated with trying to find profitable opportunities and sought out alternative ways to invest away from traditional property investing.

Dougal discovered the Value Investing method of investing was a viable and profitable option, and forged ahead finding out as much about the method as possible.

In 2013, Dougal was accredited with the New Zealand National Certificate in Financial Services (Financial Advice) Level 5. However, rather than giving financial advice, Dougal is focused on providing clients with investing knowledge and skills so they can confidently explore investment opportunities themselves.

As an investment and Value Investing specialist, Dougal is focused on giving his clients a range of options which best suit their current needs and provides a service that helps with the selection, analysis and management of investments – as well as providing knowledge, skills and tools to help clients maximise their wealth building efforts.

Dougal’s primary goal is to help clients improve their long-term financial and investment decision making to enable investors to utilize each and every opportunity to its fullest potential.

Meta Mair - Value Prophet team member photo

Meta Mair – Director and IT Consultant

With a professional background as a Senior IT Consultant, Meta is focused on development of technology solutions that make investing easier for everyone no matter what their age, denomination or current financial situation.

Meta has a broad experience in all aspects of strategy development in Information Technology and Management, project management and in the implementation of a wide range of IT systems. She has a background in systems development and broad understanding of records management and GIS solutions.

On a day-to-day basis, Meta works closely with Dougal on company strategy development, project management and systems development.

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