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Investment research and screener websites are where you go to find out collated historical and independent comparative information about investments. Some research sites focus on a single asset class and/or market, but some do cover a wider spectrum of investments. Most sites also have a screening functionality (called a screener), where you can narrow down the selection of investment options based on any specific criteria you require. Here is our selection – some we use on an almost daily basis!

For stock analysis and finding quality businesses to invest in we use and subscribe to GurusFocus covers most global markets, including Oceania (New Zealand and Australian stock markets), and has a comprehensive All-in-One screener. They have very active forums and publish a number of articles too (we follow them on Twitter).


GuruFocus Logo - our recommended research and screener website

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Another research web site we use is Morningstar. A lot of Financial Advisers and Analysts use Morningstar (and a lot of other research sites get their data feed from Morningstar). There are different sites for the different countries and regions they cover - example links as shown.The Australasian Morningstar site covers investment funds, including Kiwisaver funds, as well as the New Zealand and Australian share markets. The Morningstar sites provide a limited amount of information for free, but a more extensive selection, including analyst recommendations, with a paid subscription.

For a totally free option there is also Google Finance. Google Finance covers a large range of share markets, including New Zealand and Australian, but has more information for the USA markets than the other markets. The portfolios and screener functionality is good, and drilling down you can find a fair amount of historical and comparative information about specific stocks too.

Google Finance Image - a free investment research and screener website resource

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