The Stock Market Explained

Stock Market Ticker and Column Graphs

Did you know that you can’t actually invest in the ‘Stock Market’? Watch the cute little animated video below to find out why…

We find that most people have heard bad things about the stock market – have you? As the video will show, it’s not the market that is the problem. It’s the way people invest in stocks that leads to the negative comments.


Stock Market Video Summary

So, the stock market is just that – a market where you buy and sell stocks. Just like a food market is where you can buy and sell food, or a car market where you buy and sell cars. The key to stock investing is to stop thinking that the stock market, or share market, itself is an investment and instead understand that when you buy stocks you are investing in businesses. The quality and performance of the businesses you buy shares in determines how profitable your investment will be.


At Value Prophet we want to help you invest in good quality businesses. We believe that Value Investing is the best way to do this.

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The Stock Market Explained

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